Free San Diego Estate Planning Seminar

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Everyone Needs an Estate Plan

Now, more than ever, make sure your assets go to the people you love 
and minimize your cost and taxes

Everyone needs an Estate Plan, it’s vital for any individual, couple, or family that owns a home and has assets. The truth is no one is promised tomorrow! I know you’ve worked hard to build wealth — now it’s time to make sure you have a Rock Solid Estate & Legacy Plan that ensures you and your loved ones are taken care of and you don’t lose wealth to probate court, fees, taxes and predators!

Join me, Kristina R. Hess, for the "Truth About Estate Planning" at our San Diego Office (located at 12264 El Camino Real, San Diego, CA 92130). Space is strictly limited, so reserve your seat now. We keep the size small so that all your questions may be answered.

the Truth
About Estate Planning


Where you will learn …

  • How to avoid the Top 7 critical estate planning mistakes

  • Discover a secret way out of capital gains tax for highly appreciated assets

  • Learn the difference between Wills and Trusts (hint: a Will is not enough in CA)

  • The 5 legal documents everyone needs

  • Why Living Trusts Fail and How To Avoid It

  • The Single Most Effective Way to give firewall protection to your child’s inheritance and incentivize them (most trusts do not do this)

  • How to create multi-generational trusts that protect your loved ones from divorce, lawsuits and future estate taxation.

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Seating is limited and fills quickly. Reservations are taken on a first-come, first-served basis.

Working to Successfully Transfer and Preserve Your Wealth and Creating Lifetime Legacies That Span Generations.

KR Hess Law, PC … Your Expert and Authority

Kristina R. Hess, Esq.

Kristina R. Hess is the founding attorney of KR Hess Law, PC in San Diego. Ms. Hess is a Berkeley Law Graduate and worked at premier international firms prior to opening her own Firm in 2009.

As an experienced attorney with over 24 years of experience, Ms. Hess is known as the lawyer other lawyers hire for their estate planning – the highest compliment in the legal profession. She was also voted the best trust attorney for the San Diego North Coast in San Diego, 2019-2023.

Ms. Hess is also the co-author of best seller, More Than Money: How to Leave a Lasting Legacy to Your Family.

Ms. Hess’ training and experience make her uniquely qualified to handle the most complex estate planning issues including:

• Wills, living trusts and estates
• Irrevocable Trusts
• Probate and Trust administration
• Charitable Trusts and Legacy Planning

Ms. Hess graduated from the University of California, Berkeley (Boalt Hall) School of Law and earned a master ‘s degree from the University of New Mexico, and a bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

She is a member of the California State Bar, New York Bar, and Utah Bar. Plus, she is a member of Wealth Counsel, the nation’s largest estate planning organization.

Ms. Hess is a creative and strategic thinker who is passionate about assisting you to create the best estate plan possible. Her mission is to equip you with the legal tools to empower your family for generations, save taxes, and create a lasting legacy.

Ms. Hess enjoys playing soccer, skiing, playing pickleball, and hiking with her husband and their two pups: Maverick and Charlie.